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Relocation Services

Immigration Services
Processing and coordinating visas, assisting with the documentation for work and residence permits, and obtaining passports are complex tasks. Crown professionals, who are local experts who understand the complexities involved in the global immigration process, can help accelerate and simplify the process.

Intercultural Training: Intercultural Services®
Intercultural Training ProgramIntercultural Services® is a unique intercultural training program developed exclusively by Crown Relocations. Intercultural Services® was developed to help individuals and families adapt to their new environments and quickly become settled-in to their new environment. Click here to read more about Intercultural Services®.

Language Training
Utilizing a network of language specialists, Crown offers customized training for the entire family in both the departure and destination locations. Role-playing and online interactive courses assures that the desired level of proficiency is achieved and that the individuals’ learning styles are accommodated.

Home Sale Services
For individuals that are relocating on behalf of their company, Crown can introduce them to the Home Sale benefits specific to their organization’s policy. In accordance with the benefits available, Crown can initiate marketing assistance, provide real estate agent referrals, coordinate inspections and title searches, and obtain Homeowner Disclosure Statements. Additional services such as Guaranteed Home Sale Purchase, documentation audits and reimbursement of home sale expenses are also provided in conjunction with the organization’s policies.

Property Management
For individuals who plan to keep their existing home at origin, and intend to rent it or leave it vacant, Crown’s Property Management services offer complete security. Services include comprehensive tenant screening, ongoing maintenance, routine property inspections and coordination of emergency repairs.

Preview Trip Services
Customized Preview Trips help individuals and their families to learn about housing and schooling options, key amenities, shopping, recreation, medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

Home Finding Assistance
Crown’s broad geographic reach and its relationships with quality providers ensure that suitable housing options will always be secured. Services include accompanied home search, lease negotiation assistance, rental contract review, inspections coordination, utilities connection assistance, “move-day” supervision, as well as online area guides and referral information.

School Search
School Search ServicesCrown has relocation professionals living and working in 200 cities around the world. They have relationships with dozens of international schools around the world. Crown works closely with its customers to identify schooling requirements, and then coordinates a school tour(s), explains testing and interview requirements, and assists with the application and enrollment.

Post-Arrival Orientations
A more detailed tour than the Preview Trip, the Post-Arrival Orientation is a comprehensive, accompanied overview of the destination location with substantial question and answer consultations to help in navigating day-to-day living. Post-Arrival Orientations help identify housing, and learn about commuting, medical and banking facilities and any other specific concerns.

Partner Career Support: Global Career
Global Career was developed to help those who have relocated with their spouse or partner, in their efforts to find employment in their new location. Identifying local career opportunities, counseling on local hiring processes, assistance with CV/resume preparation, business networking and continuing education are some examples of the Global Career services that Crown professionals can provide. Crown can also help partners pursue new areas of interest by identifying educational and volunteering opportunities.

Handyman and Domestic Help Services
Handyman and domestic help services can turn a house into a home and expedite the settling in process. Through assembling, arranging or cleaning, guidance with these small but important tasks provides peace of mind during the transition.

Furniture Rental
Crown can ascertain the individual furniture requirements (for rental or purchase) and assist in assessing scale and logistics considerations in placing such items in the new residence. Leveraging existing relationships with furniture rental organizations ensures that our customers have access to the most competitive rates and the highest quality service.

On-Assignment Support
Crown professionals are always available as a local resource to provide support. In addition to an emergency hotline telephone number, support services range from providing referral information to arranging family networking and entertainment programs. Crown professionals regularly initiate contact with employees to help establish and support a successful assimilation.

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