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Program Management

Relocation Policy Counseling
Program Management ServicesUtilizing information and experience acquired through serving hundreds of multinational corporations, Crown conducts policy orientations for the employee and partner, assures policy compliance and helps employees exercise their relocation and assignment benefits within the allotted period. Crown professionals, local in global strategic management centers, and in almost 60 countries, are specially trained in customer service, relocation and assignment policy management. They initiate and maintain regular dialogues with the employee from their relocation, through their transition and throughout their assignment.

Program Administration
Crown’s service model is founded upon a "single point of coordination" model for policy counseling, program administration, information reporting and supplier management. Account dedicated teams have international living experience, language skills and specialized industry knowledge. An Account Manager is assigned for each and every one of our clients and is responsible for every aspect of their client’s account. The Account Manager will also organize bi-annual meetings to ensure that any operational issues are dealt with in a professional manner and to provide a proactive forum to discuss ideas that will continually improve Crown’s service delivery. Crown’s Strategic Service Centers have been designed to leverage its global presence, global expertise and technology applications to align with the diverse needs of our clients. Through a combination of central, regional and local expertise and human resources, Crown aligns itself with its clients’ geographic needs.

On-Assignment Support
Crown professionals are always available as a local resource to provide support. In addition to an emergency hotline telephone number, support services range from providing referral information to arranging family networking and entertainment programs. Crown professionals regularly initiate contact with employees to help establish and support a successful assimilation.

Repatriation Services
Once it is determined that an employee will be returning to his or her home country or relocating to a subsequent location, Crown will notify the landlord of the lease termination date, assist with the shut down of utilities, arrange an inventory check out covering dilapidations and negotiate the return of the rental deposit.

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