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Global Expense Management: GEM

Expense Management ProgramGEM is Crown’s Global Expense Management program, consisting of services ranging from expense report reviews and account audits to calculations of gross up, lump sums, payment tracking, disbursements, accounts payable, payroll and tax firm IT interfaces. Crown professionals are available to answer any employee, client or supplier questions relating to the expense, or the employee can be provided online expense tracking tools. Through Crown’s analysis of reimbursement denial/exceptions tracking, Crown assists clients in identifying trends and regularly recommends policy modifications.

Gross-Up Calculations
Crown’s professionals calculate gross-ups for the U.S. tax jurisdiction, given client policy and employee tax category. All assumptions for calculations, including government and social taxes, are identified at implementation. They are updated to reflect changes in family size and tax jurisdiction modifications, and are processed according to pre-determined client notification and procedures. Crown partners with tax partners to provide gross-up calculations outside the US. Crown provides gross up assistance in a variety of formats ranging from manual communications to EDI interfaces and can be performed on a centralized or de-centralized basis, to align with its clients needs. Crown’s local payroll and payment functionality helps contain costs and ensure ease in administration.

Lump Sum Administration
Crown features a host of different lump sum calculator options based on employee salary, move distance, family size, homeowner/renter status and policy scope. Crown can disburse funds to the employee upon client authorization and facilitate payroll reporting. Employees can also benefit from resource and referral information to ensure that lump sum dollars expended for relocation services are coordinated with pre-qualified, reputable suppliers at Crown discounted rates.

On Assignment Payments & Reimbursements
Crown’s systems have been custom designed to support client’s expense management requirements for the relocation “event,” as well as for ongoing assignment support. Crown leverages its domestic and global presence by providing employees with the ability to submit expenses online. Expense reimbursement requests are reviewed against allowable policy guidelines, receipts are manually audited against expense vouchers and allowable expenses are approved and designated for payment through local or regional banking facilities in local currency, without incurring local receiving bank charges for international wires. From ongoing rent, utility and tuition payments to more complex compensation delivery, Crown is able to support its client’s international remuneration requirements in a cost-effective and comprehensive fashion.

Client Payroll & Management Reporting
Crown’s systems were developed specifically to support mobility management programs and to meet the specific needs of its individual clients. Clients require a variety of reports based on diverse criteria such as different end users, work locations, services provided, policy types or tiers and various sectors of the client’s business. In conjunction with the selected tax provider, Crown can prepare and deliver the balance sheet data for international compensation schedules. Goods and services allowances, hypothetical tax and housing norm deductions can be calculated and fed to the client, with tax tracking and gross ups applied as defined and required. Total expense and cost reporting can be sorted by virtually any criteria in pre-established reports or through HR self-serve access. Most clients take advantage of Crown’s technology by accessing account information online through a password-protected website.

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