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Domestic & International Moving Services

Shipment of Household Goods
Shipment of Household Goods Crown owns and operates over 200 state-of-the-art moving facilities in almost 60 countries, which ensures secure handling of personal belongings around the corner or across the world. Crown’s “Move Management” system and “One Point of Coordination” structure simplifies the moving process by providing informed and responsive service, from pre-move planning through settling into the new home.

Transit Protection
Professional Packing Crown’s crews exercise care and professionalism when packing, transporting, delivering and unpacking its customers’ personal belongings, and is proud to have one of the highest rated records for claim-free relocations in the industry. Even though Crown takes every precaution to eliminate risk, it is important to note that personal belongings will be traveling on a boat, plane, truck or train—all of which carry inherent risks. This is why Crown offers CrownCare, a comprehensive transit protection program with policies that offer full replacement cost coverage on an “all risks” basis. Click here to read more about our Transit Protection.

Pet Relocations
Pet Relocation Crown’s customers can be rest assured that their pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate handlers. Utilizing a network of pet transfer specialists, Crown attends to all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations, and counsels customers about these details, so they can feel confident knowing that their pet(s) will enjoy a safe and successful relocation. Click here to read an article about Crown’s Pet Relocation services.

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