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Consulting Services

Policy Consulting
Policy Consulting ServicesCrown’s global policy and practice library offers clients the breadth of resources and information to facilitate a targeted policy analysis. A policy’s presentation, format, competitiveness and cost effectiveness is evaluated. Crown can also provide assistance with policy revision or development using best practice text and help to generate support materials such as policy summary guides and training materials.

Process Design
Workflow management and the design of client, supplier and employee interfaces are essential to quality service support. With operations in almost 60 countries, Crown can identify innovative and effective mobility solutions and service delivery models in place across the globe. Crown can document existing procedures, interfaces and systems, and identify stakeholders across the client’s organization, and propose methods in which processes can be streamlined, resulting in increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Crown can conduct benchmark studies of a broad array of international HR mobility policy components and practices. Benchmarking can assist organizations in understanding the competitive environment, as well as to identify best practices and innovative approaches to management and cost control. Crown’s benchmarking services provide clients with a customized summary of policy provisions and practices employed by companies in similar industries, operating in like regions and with move volumes similar to the client. The resulting benchmark allows clients to refine policy based upon specific, current market data that best matches the client’s own company profile.

SurveysSurveys are regularly conducted by Crown in the area of policy, technology, process, current challenges and legislative issues. These surveys are a valuable resource during all phases of relocation support and for all levels of mobility management. Crown also designs and conducts customized interviews to explore any specific provisions or practices that a client wishes to address. Research survey topics include global security, data privacy, Home Sale programs, employee web tools, localization practices, “stealth expats,” internal employee surveys and many others. Crown can provide customized survey support in an objective and cost effective manner to define and develop mobility policies, practices and programs.

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