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CrownCare Protection Programs

Transit Protection

It is extremely unlikely that your current personal belongings insurer will provide you with protection against the risks associated with international shipment.  CrownCare Transit Protection plan is designed to provide the coverage you need against the risks associated with shipment by road, rail, ship or air.

Crown’s crews are trained vigorously to exercise care and treat our customers with utmost respect and professionalism when packing, transporting, delivering and unpacking its customers’ personal belongings. We are proud to have one of the highest rated records for claim-free relocations in the industry. Although Crown takes every precaution to eliminate risk, it is important to note that personal belongings will be traveling on a boat, plane, truck or train-all of which carry inherent risks. This is why Crown offers CrownCare Transit Protection plan with policies that offer full replacement cost coverage on an "all risks" basis.

CrownCare Transit Protection is underwritten by AXA Corporate Solutions Marine, the world’s leading provider of this type of coverage. Policies offer full replacement cost coverage on a door-to-door, all risks basis.

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Personal Property Protection

Once you arrive at your destination, CrownCare Transit Protection will cease, but our care for your belongings does not have to end there. No matter where you go in the world, our Personal Property Protection will have you covered against loss to your tangible possessions as well as any personal liability exposure. We can protect you and your family against political risk, particularly important in countries where instability is a problem.

Vacant Home & Tenant Occupied Protection

This CrownCare protection plan is a cost-effective, convenient way to insure your vacant or rented dwelling against the consequences of a serious loss.

Owning multiple homes in multiple countries can be an exciting, wonderful opportunity. However, it represents a complex decision, especially for people working with short-time constraints.  Protecting a vacant home is a particularly troublesome aspect of managing your global risk. In most jurisdictions, domestic insurers are reluctant to cover vacant dwellings. Often, these insurers will either provide limited coverage or no coverage at all, thus creating the potential for a serious financial loss to the homeowner.

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