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Global Career Programs

Total Career Support Program for Accompanying Partners

  • Individually assigned career consultant
    An individually assigned career consultant who is highly experienced in international recruitment will assist in guiding you through the procedures and processes that are found in each country's job market. Contact prior to relocation will be via telephone and emails and face-to-face once you arrive in the country.
  • Labor market employment trends
    Receive regular labor market employment trends and research information via email to keep abreast of market changes and inform you of your sector's news updates. It is also important to know your worth in a new country. Your career consultant will brief you on salary expectations prior to arrival and provide salary negotiation advice and information on salary surveys within sectors once you arrive.
  • Resource center
    Why not make finding a job a full time job and join us everyday in the office until you find the right position for you? With access to resource books, business directories and company information; computer and phone at your disposal, there is nothing better than being in a professional atmosphere to keep the momentum going.
  • Personal introduction to recruitment agencies & consultants
    Crown has personally selected the best recruitment agencies and their consultants to join us in working with you to find the right job. Agencies include international as well as locally known companies.
  • Interview assistance, training & debriefing
    Local customs are always handy to know when interviewing in a new country and if you are out of practice in your techniques, your career consultant is happy to refresh your memory.
  • 100 personalized business cards
    The Asian community places emphasis on presenting business cards at introductions. Be one step ahead of your competition and be seen as professional, confident, proactive and serious about finding a job.
  • Mobile phone and SIM card
    Upon arrival you will be given a Mobile phone and SIM card so prospective employers and agencies can contact you right from the first day to arrange interviews.
  • Email alerts on available jobs
    While you are busy interviewing, your personal career consultant will notify you of any new jobs that have come through so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.
  • Introduction to networking opportunities
    Introduction to networking opportunities accompanied by your career consultant e.g., business clubs. "Itís who you know, not what you know" in some countries, so meeting relevant contacts in your employment market is essential.
  • Advice and consultation
    • CV/Resume development
    • CV/Resume translations
    • Immigration
    • Career alternatives & training
    • Company set ups
  • Crown Global Career Assessments
    Self knowledge is the cornerstone of a successful career. Psychological assessments can provide you with that extra self insight to inspire you to take the necessary action to find a fulfilling career. Without self knowledge it is impossible to take control or be responsible for your own destiny. Download our career assessment flyer to learn more.

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Thanks again for all your help. Our meeting on Tuesday has given me a new perspective on my job hunt and has certainly given me a confidence boost.

New Zealand Financial Analyst
Moved to Hong Kong from Australia