Crown Hong Kong Receives Eco-Management Award

 Date Of Issue:06/12/2007

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    Date: June 12, 2007
    Contact: Susanne Österholm – Tel: +852 2876.2678
      Crown Hong Kong Receives Eco-Management Award

      Crown Worldwide, a global leader in international transportation and business information storage services, recently presented industry awards to branches in the Asia-Pacific region during a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For the first time ever, Chairman Jim Thompson presented Crown Hong Kong with an Eco-Management Award for their achievement in obtaining the ISO14001 certificate set by the International Organization of Standards.

      The ISO environmental management standards exist to help organizations minimize their operation's impact the environment by meeting a series of applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally oriented requirements, allowing companies like Crown to successfully monitor and improve upon their environmental footprint.

      "I am very pleased to see that it is our Hong Kong office that has taken the lead with such an important step toward making our business more environmentally responsible," said Ken Madrid, CEO of Asia-Pacific for Crown Worldwide Group. "Presenting the first Eco-Management Award demonstrates the focus that the Crown Worldwide Group has placed on how our businesses impact the environment."

      With protection of the environment being at the forefront of many organizations' minds, as well as being high on many governments' agendas, the reduction of waste, energy usage, more effective production techniques, alternative material usage and effective recycling methods are major steps towards preserving the environment.

      "Our vision is to make our world a greener place by doing our part to reduce the release of harmful waste to the environment. The accreditation sets our future path towards a safe and friendly environment for our future generation," said Billy Wong, Managing Director of Greater China for Crown Worldwide Group.

      Crown is one of the first international relocation companies to take on the challenge of ISO certification. Along with Crown's London office, which also received the certification, Crown Hong Kong is hoping to make an impact on this growing threat affecting our environment.

      Crown Worldwide Group
      The Crown Worldwide Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, was established in 1965. It is a privately held company with over 200 offices in 50 countries. Crown Relocations provides global relocation services for corporations, private clients and diplomats. Crown Records Management provides management and storage of business information. Crown Logistics provides other specialized commercial import/export, freight forwarding and distribution services and Crown Fine Arts handles the transportation of exhibits and museum pieces.

      The Crown Worldwide Group provides services to over 10,000 major multinational corporations around the globe as well as caters to the needs of private customers. Visit our websites:,,, and

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